Promising Practice Methods

The following methods for raising awareness of social and emotional wellbeing issues and when to seek help were identified as promising practices by the Indigenous psychologists involved in the Help-Seeking Project

  1. ‘Word of mouth' is the fastest, most effective way to promote a service and encourage help-seeking in an Indigenous setting (this can be seen as an effective form of social marketing)
  2. There is no substitute or innovation more effective than community engagement to encourage help-seeking, particularly in remote communities
  3. Successful social marketing (word of mouth) which stimulates help-seeking will depend heavily on the personal characteristics of the service providers and the quality and appropriateness of the services themselves 
  4. Incorporating an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural framework acknowledges the significance of the extended family and the community, as well as the importance of land and spirituality to wellbeing.
  5. There may be ways that involve print, radio and electronic media as complementary means to raise mental health awareness and to encourage help-seeking, particularly in urban settings